Kasarmi2 Hiukanpiha 25 Hiukkavaara 90670 Oulu Finland helena.kaikkonen(at)nic.fi tel. +358 50 532 5661

Silence of landscape

Delicate and silent art of Helena Kaikkonen searchs impressions from seasons of Nordic nature. She is representative of new textile art, where combinations of nature elements and posibilities of state of art are usual. Nature is very strongly present at her art. You can feel human experience of nature and landscape and the Northern seasons in her works of art, which are like fragmentes of landscap... Read more »

Artist statement

In my art I search atmospheres from different places, happenings and experiences. These atmospheres are mixed together with memories and dreams. I aim something invisible which you can sense and feel, but can`t be seen concrete. Birth, growth, life and death are themes of my art and are ob... More »


K2 House of Artists Studios

Many visual artists has their studios in Kultuurikasarmi K2 in Hiukkavaara in the city of Oulu 


KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre Earlier I used to have my studio in Art centre KulttuuriKauppila in Ii. It was opened in 2006 by the local visual artists of Ii: Helena Kaikkonen, Sanna Koivisto and Antti Ylönen. The idea for a new kind of home of art where everyone would be welcome succeeded: besides a working space for professional artists KulttuuriKauppila is a place for visiting international artists.

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