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 Nature in textile art

Delicate and silent art of Helena Kaikkonen searchs impressions from seasons of Nordic nature. She is representative of new textile art, where combinations of nature elements and posibilities of state of art are usual. Nature is very strongly present at her art. You can feel human experience of nature and landscape and the Northern seasons in her works of art, which are like fragmentes of landscape or memories.

Helena Kaikkonen works combining together different materials and  techniques. She works and lives at the moment in Oulu in north Finland. Her works have been presented in variety of private and collective exhibitions in Finland and abroad and she has produced public art works and environmental art works too.

Artist statement

In my art I search atmospheres from different places, happenings and experiences. These atmospheres are mixed together with memories and dreams. I aim something invisible which you can sense and feel, but can`t be seen concrete. Birth, growth, life and death are themes of my art and are observed in colours, forms and materials. Sometimes there can also pop up joy and the comic of life. In my works of art I equate circulation of nature with circulation of human life.

These themes pass in the background  or are the basis for my works. The working process itself is usually very slow and has many, sometimes very routine, working phases. Sometimes during the working prosess the art pieces begin to live their own lives as work of art, and the original themes and backgrounds will be only indicative.

The space is also central in my works of art - either like the intimate indoor space or as an installation where you can walk in, or art pieces  reaching from the wall to the open space.




  • born in Ii Finland 1959
  • lives in Oulu and works in Old Wool Factory in Pikisaari Oulu,  North Finland
  • studies in Bergen National Academy of Arts Norway 1992
  • works mainly with textile materials combined with nature materials and using different techniques
  • makes installations, artworks on wall, environmental art, public works
  • Works have been presented in many exhibitions f.ex. Oulu museum of Art, GalleryHarmaja, Oulu, Gallery kajaste in Helsinki, Karelian Art Museum Petroskoi, Russia, Milan Italy, Bergamo Italy
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